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Eco -Flexy by Indigo Sweet

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The new denim pants, unique, in Italian design and style. Perfect for those who want to feel free, respecting nature. Keeping up with fashion trends!

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Indigo-Sweet was born to want to become a ONLUS in the clothing sector with the aim of informing and making conscious a fashion purchase. Therefore promote a culture in the world of clothing.


Promotion and enhancement of the Made in Italy design


   It has developed a product that represents the Made in Italy: A unique design in the world, high prestige materials, modern technology, artisan retouching; And finally a message: "The environmental cause is not mine or yours. It's about everyone, indistinctly. " Richard Buckminster Fuller (architect-scientist)


Creating a design product is not only a way to satisfy one's ambitions, but it can be useful to convey ideas. Especially if these revolve around the concept of protecting the environment.


Protection and enhancement of nature and the environment


The fabrics and washes used by Indigo-Sweet are certified in the field of ecology; This ensures that the product does not contain or releases substances harmful to human health in excess of the limits set by Standard 100. It also checks all the chemicals used during each production phase.

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